November 16, 2023

MSP Chat Episode 02: The ESG Opportunity and Winning with Advisory Boards

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Erick and Rich discuss the emerging MSP opportunity in ESG services and how to improve profit margins by avoiding project scope creep. Then they’re joined by Louise Broekman of the Advisory Board Centre and Annette Taber of BOARDSWAP to discuss the power of advisory boards for vendors and MSPs. Trust us, you only *think* you know what a well-run advisory board is and the impact it can have. That’s followed by one last thing: a new class of smart textiles called SMART ePANTS that turn ordinary underwear into a surveillance tool.

Discussed in this episode:

Worldwide Spending on Purpose-Built Sustainability Services Will Reach $65 Billion in 2027, According to a New IDC Forecast

Why Advisory Boards Are a Successful SaaS Vendor’s Secret Weapon

Smarty pants! Defense department is developing high-tech ‘spy’ UNDERWEAR that captures audio, video and geolocation for intelligence agents and police