Channel Mastered Services

Helping vendors maximize ROI on their channel programs while minimizing risk

Our team of multi-award-winning MSP experts is dedicated to helping vendors build successful channel programs that drive growth and revenue. We offer a range of services, from research and analysis of the latest channel trends to channel assessment and optimization to partner recruitment and enablement.

Strategy Services

MSP Channel Strategy

Channel Strategy

Whether you are a startup or seasoned tech industry player, we’ll evaluate your channel performance and forge a strategic plan for achieving measurable success.
MSP Channel Market Research and Analysis

Channel Research

Partner profiling, competitive assessments, audits, surveys, reporting, and more based on our independent research and input from our curated partner channel of 45,000 MSPs.

Embedded Advisors

Our expert MSP channel CFOs, CMOs, CROs, Analysts, and Chief Product Officers work with your team to fine-tune your channel strategy and program performance and assist in hiring to fill these critical roles.

Content Creation Services

Content Development

Custom Content Creation

Industry reports, white papers, case studies, blog posts, newsletter articles, landing page content, and email and social media copy for news, demand gen, branding, awareness, sales enablement, and thought leadership.
State of the Industry Report

State of the Industry Reports

Set yourself apart from competitors by demonstrating a keen understanding of your market segment. Our State of the Industry Reports analyze pivotal IT trends based on a survey of hundreds of MSPs, positioning you as a technology leader.
Custom Online Training Curriculum

Custom On-Demand Training Curriculum

We work closely with you to develop a curriculum that aligns with your business objectives, then create LMS-friendly on-demand training programs tailored to the needs of your channel partners.

Digital Marketing Services


Blog Marketing

Feature your sponsored posts on, internationally voted the #1 source MSPs in North America look to for advice on running their business, and the #1 Independent MSP Blog recognized by and syndicated on Feedspot and The ChannelPro Network.
Newsletter Marketing by Channel Mastered

Newsletter Marketing

Get your banner ads or sponsored articles authored by our writing team in front of the 10,000 MSP subscribers to our newsletter, or distribute custom “Newsletter Takeover” special editions to drive branding, awareness, and partner CTAs.
Digital Marketing Programs by Channel Mastered

Email and Social Media Marketing

Harness the power and reach of our cutting-edge expertise in digital email and social media marketing campaigns to elevate your solution’s visibility and appeal to our vast and responsive MSP channel.

Channel Partner Recruitment Services

Channel Partner Recuitment

Channel Partner Recruitment Services

Proven marketing and live or virtual event channel partner recruitment services that promote your brand, messaging, and call to action to 45,000 of the channel’s most engaged and responsive MSPs.
Channel Partner Recruitment Webinars

Channel Partner Recruitment Webinars

Our MSP Mastered® webinars, promoted to our channel of 45,000 MSPs, are the highest ROI-generating service we offer to recruit new partners to your channel program.
Evergreen Channel Partner Recruitment Lead Generation Programs

Evergreen Channel Partner Lead Generation Programs

We’ve cracked the PPC algorithm code. Our evergreen paid advertising channel partner recruitment lead generation programs use innovative techniques available nowhere else to deliver a constantly evolving stream of your ideal channel partner prospects.

Sales Enablement Services


Channel Partner Sales Enablement

Group sales coaching sessions delivered to your partners to help them generate more leads, accelerate sales velocity, shorten sales cycles, and sell more of your solutions.

CAM and BDM Enablement

Sales, sales planning, and QBR training sessions that help account and business development managers meet and exceed recruitment and through-partner revenue quotas.
Online Masterclasses

Licensed Online Masterclasses

Our LMS-ready MSP and MSSP business transformation masterclasses include on-demand videos, downloadable assets, and quizzes to help your partners overcome bundling, pricing, and sales challenges.

Promotion And Event Services

Podcasts by Channel Mastered

Thought Leadership Podcasts

In an industry where every vendor is vying for MSP attention, authenticity and meaningful connection reign supreme. Our MSP Chat podcasts are more than just a place for running ads. They’re a platform for establishing your voice, story, and reputation as a valuable member of the MSP community.

Editorial Event Services

Build third-party credibility for your messaging by having respected journalist and Channel Mastered Chief Content Officer Rich Freeman moderate a panel, lead an executive Q&A, or interview your favorite partner during your next conference or webinar. We’ll record the content and showcase it on our website and social feeds, and you can, too.

PR & Analyst Services

Rapidly transform your brand’s perception into that of an industry leader with our MSP channel-focused PR and Media Analyst interview expertise. Enhance your credibility and impact, accelerate lead generation and boost SEO, support sales and deliver consistent messaging, attract investors and talent and define and communicate your unique value in the industry.
Live Event Speaking and Webinars

Speaking Engagements

Our participation as keynoters, session speakers, workshop facilitators, panel moderators, and panelists at live and virtual events consistently generates the highest registrations and survey scores.

Live Event Support

Consulting, preparation, and participation in event sponsorship activities that amplify exposure and maximize ROI, including live keynotes, sessions, workshops, focus groups, media services, digital marketing, and direct MSP partner introductions.

Photo and Video Production Services

Elevate your brand’s presence and engage your audience with our top-tier photography and video production media services for live events. Maximize your event sponsorship impact and ROI by showcasing your event participation highlights in unparalleled quality.