Decoding the Magic at Channel Mastered

Call it a nice problem to have. The Channel Mastered crew is 100% industry veterans, but we’re a relatively new company generating a lot of buzz, so we get asked the same question pretty often. What would you say you do here? Why are experienced pros like you and your colleagues Erick Simpson, Charlene Ignacio, Rich Freeman, Lisa Shorr, and James Kernan teaming up? Let me open the curtain and reveal the story of Channel Mastered and the cause we’re so passionate about.

In one sentence: we’re here to uplift and nurture the MSP ecosystem. Today, managed service providers face a barrage of decisions when elevating their tech stack. Comparing and reviewing vendors can feel like navigating a labyrinth, and many MSPs wonder if they’re getting the complete picture.

The issue isn’t merely finding the right vendor comparison or review; it’s the vendors’ ability to clearly and compellingly articulate why their specific solutions are the perfect fit for you. Vendors juggle multiple tasks. From roadmap development to messaging, they’re masters at their craft but often lack storytelling essentials. They need to identify the differentiating traits, aptitudes, and unique value they offer to MSPs and MSSPs with precision, and translate this into a coherent narrative.

Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Unfortunately, it’s anything but.

Enter Channel Mastered: Bridging the Gap, Boosting Your Power

This is where we, the MSP-savvy experts behind Channel Mastered, step into the frame. Drawing on a rich tapestry of industry knowledge and a vast network of 45,000 MSPs, we help close the gap between what vendors do and how powerfully they communicate it. Our systematic, data-oriented approach has consistently yielded impressive results, from launching new MSP channels and strengthening existing ones to expanding a vendor’s overall market presence.

You might ask: “Are you recommending we overhaul our current strategies?” Not in the least! We want to augment everything you already have that works. But we often see vendors repeatedly iterate successful GTM strategies and then hit a roadblock. Quite often it’s because they don’t have enough time and people to unearth and amplify valuable opportunities, like creating industry surveys, developing white papers, or managing PPC campaigns.

That’s where we come in. Channel Mastered is a team of skilled advisors laser-focused on the MSP channel. Our sole mission? To mitigate a vendor’s gaps, step in as a plug-and-play solution, and deliver supplementary capacity promptly, effectively, and efficiently.

We’re driven by our vision to help you exceed your own expectations. We endorse a mood of “no pressure, lots of help.”

Your informed judgment is, of course, the ultimate decider. I encourage you to explore how our team can bolster your endeavors and seal the cracks that could hinder your growth. Regardless of when you need us at Channel Mastered—be it now or in future—remember that we’re always here to bridge your gaps and turbocharge your progress.

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