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When it comes to successful marketing strategies, media isn’t just a piece of the puzzle—it’s the cornerstone that brings the whole picture into focus. No matter your business model – ITSP, MSP, CSP, MSSP, visibility is the driving force behind your customers’ purchasing choices—after all, customers gravitate toward what captures their attention.

To cater to diverse business needs and ensure optimal visibility, we offer a range of meticulously crafted packages for individuals, companies, organizations, and events. But our offerings aren’t confined to predefined packages; we relish the opportunity to develop unique, out-of-the-box strategies that address distinct visibility needs.

Whether you opt for one of our proven packages or a tailored strategy, you’re investing in an enhanced visibility approach. Our foremost aim is to deliver results-focused media marketing, which doesn’t just aim at best practices but redefines them.

Join us in capturing your target audience’s eye like never before. Embrace the power of visibility delivered by our media marketing services, perfectly blending conventional wisdom and innovative thinking for unparalleled results.

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Channel Mastered Attendee Media Package Options

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Image Package
SAVE $75!

Start with You and what people see immediately when meeting you and looking you up on LinkedIn.

  • 30-Second Promotional Video Clips (1)
  • Headshots (3)
Investment: $250.00

Speaker Package
SAVE $125!

Speaking is the fastest way to become recognized as an expert authority in your space. You will be seen as a leader to your customers and expert to your colleagues.

  • 30 Second Promotional Video Clips (1)
  • Headshots (3)
  • Live Stage Speaking Session Video Recording (1)
  • Live Stage Photos (3)
Investment: $750.00

Influencer Package
SAVE $150!

Leverage the power of media to become an influencer. As an influencer you become a magnet for those that take what you say and actually do it.

  • 30 Second Promotional Video Clips (1)
  • Headshots (3)
  • Faux Stage Speaking Session Video Recording (1)
  • Faux Stage Photos (3)
  • Audio + Video Live Recorded Interview (1)
  • Live Interview Photos (3)
Investment: $1,250.00

Media Strategy Session
SAVE $200!

Benefit from a 30-minute virtual media meeting with our expert MSP marketing team to get clear on the KPIs you want to achieve with your media package investment.

Investment: $300.00

Media Marketing Audit
SAVE $1,000!

Our team will work with you to conduct a 90-minute virtual media marketing audit of your current media and deliver an actionable report that clearly outlines what needs to happen to increase your visibility and influence on your ideal prospects.

Investment: $2,500.00

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Custom media packages are available for you, your organization and your events.

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Custom media packages are available for you, your organization and your events.

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